1035.CROS DIAGRAM Osmosi 3D con Flussi + IS

Sanitary Reverse Osmosis Equipment, entirely manufactured in Italy from BRAM-COR (Mod. CROS), is designed to produce compendial purified (PW) and higly purified (HPW) water through several water treatment steps, according to any specific feed water quality and production need.

1035. Bram-Cor CROS Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis  (RO) is a membrane process that can substantially reduce dissolved minerals. RO acts as a molecular filter to remove (99%) all minerals. Water passes through the membrane as long as the dissolved and particulate matter is left behind. The treatment steps, necessary to separate the water from organic substances, high and medium molecular weight ions and from bacteria / pyrogenes, may include:


  • Sodium hypochloride dosing station for water disinfection and oxidation of organic substances, reducing the bacterial charge
  • Sodium metabisulphite dosing station for neutralization and chlorine
  • Double filtration system to eliminate solid substances in inlet water
  • Single or double osmotic stage
  • Continous Electro-Deionizer
  • UV lamps
  • Final sterile filtration -0,22 µm

Pure Water (PW) is usually obtained through Single stage RO + Electrodeionization, Double stage Ro and Double stage RO + Electrodeionization.