1035. BRAM-COR CROS 44

CROS, the Bram-Cor pharmaceutical Revers Osmosis System, offers a range of permeate capacity spanning from 100 up to 20.000 lph. Pure Water (PW) is usually obtained through Single stage RO + Electrodeionization, Double stage Ro and Double stage RO + Electrodeionization. 

1035. CROS SINP 2500 77

In each RO stage, water is processed through thin film composite RO membranes, offering the highest rejection of contaminants. Two different flows are generated by the RO system: permeate water, corresponding to PW specification, and RO concentrate, which is recycled in the system in order to obtain a higher recovery with a lower consumption of inlet water. An additional devoted RO step might also be added to reduce the amount of concetrate water to be wasted.

BRAM-COR supplies its proven experience in three ranges of pharmaceutical equipment:


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